Friday, February 7, 2014

We Read Because We Care

It's a great initiative that we are doing as a class and the kids seem very motivated to do it!  We are a week into it and we have already read nine books!  The goal is to read 100 books by May 31, 2014!

If you don't know about Scholastic's Classrooms Care initiative, it is a great initiative that helps kids to love to read and also donates towards kids who are not able to access books!  My kids were pumped when they heard about the fact they can help other kids their age get books.

You can visit the website and get involved!  The website is

Another contest they are psyched for is winning an iPad!  There's no purchase or contest necessary.  Just fill in the kids names, your name as a teacher, and all the school's information.

You can also win a Hi-Tech Classroom as a teacher.

Check out Scholastic's Contest page:

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