Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Top 5 Math Apps in Grade 4A

In our class this year, we have been blessed with four available iPads for the kids to use this year during our Math Centre time.
However, I have been told by many of my students that they have gone home that night and downloaded many of the games!  I was shocked!  A good surprised kind of shocked that is.
I know it is technology and it is more prevalent in our culture and society and especially schooling now that it has been and is still growing, but the fact they had enough fun during Math class to spend their own personal time at home to download a game was astounding!  It was also very rewarding and made me realize how much fun Math has become during our Math Centres!
For you parents or fellow teachers who are looking for some good apps (these do cost a little bit, but are worth it!) here are some maybe you can get your kids to work on their numeracy skills at home on your very own iPad devices.

1. Math Run: Panda Chase

This app is a slam dunk for our top played Math App during Math Centre.  It might have something to do with the fac that it resembles Temple Run so much, but incoroporates Math.  I even had a fellow teacher walk into my classroom and almost tell some of my kids to stop playing because she thought it WAS Temple Run.

Kids have a character they pick for adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing and they have run the course (ala Temple Run) and if the Panda who is chasing them (for some reason he's angry) catches them they need to answer Math questions correctly in a certain amount of time to continue.

There are level upgrades where they can go to other continents on Earth.  It is a really good motivating game.

The kids have fun with it and since we are getting into the later stages of multiplication and division, I encourage them to make sure they don't do simple adding and subtracting all the time.  I keep an eye on their games to see if they actually are challenging themselves.

This App has been very well reviewed by many different websites and App reviewers.  Here are a few places to find reviews on it AppShopper, App Store Arcade, and AppFinder.

Find it here on the Apple App Store.

Mr. E. Rating: 4.5/5

2. & 3. Math Blaster: Hyperblast & Hyperblast 2

When I got the LITE version of these games, my kids went nuts and wanted me to get the full version ASAP.  Well now that I have the full versions, they still like the game, but there isn't that intrigue anymore.
Still, it is a challenging game in the vein of a first player shooting game but it is their player against mechanical bosses who they defeat by answering an increasingly harder level of questions as the game goes on.
It is a game that makes the kids think quick on their feet (unless they're sitting down...I'm sorry) and come up with mental math answers as quickly as possible.
 Math Blaster is available on both iPad and Android devices.  Check the game blog here.
Find Math Blaster: Hyperblast here on the Apple App Store.
Find Hyperblast 2 here on the Apple App Store.

Mr. E. Rating: 4/5

4. 10 Monkeys Multiplication

I found this app thanks to my tech-savvy father-in-law (John Evans - and I love it.  I have mostly used this app with my weakest Math student and it has been a fun way for him to improve his multiplication skills.  Instead of guessing, he can begin to memorize his multiplication facts through playing the game a few times a week.
The game's premise is there are 10 monkeys that need to be saved from their captors in Africa.  Each monkey is released when you get a certain amount of points to unlock them.  Each monkey also has a multiplication times table assigned to them that you need to answer the questions for from 2-12.
It is very engaging for my students who do play it, but it can get a little repetitive.  I would recommend it for helping those struggling or for extra practice.
Here is a review of 10 Monkeys Multiplication from Smart Apps for Kids.
Find it here on the Apple App Store.

Mr. E. Rating: 3.5/5


5. Mystery Math Town

Only recently have my kids gotten into this game.  I had one of them explain how the game works to me and I think it is more geared towards younger grades, although you can gear it towards a higher elementary grade if you want - a very flexible game.
It uses intrigue, mystery, and Math to solve problems and what is amiss in the town.  A very interesting game.
It did cost $2.99 and it was worth it.  Here are some reviews on it from Geek with Juniors and Best Apps for Kids
Find it here on the Apple App Store.

Mr. E. Rating: 3.5/5

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